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Bring a little joy to your day and support creatives & freelancers affected by COVID-19.
AdColony is supporting matching donations 1-1 up to $5k!


1. Pay what you want to play.
2. Get paired with someone else in the world.
3. Make moves - control Ronin the robot in real-time.
During this time of social isolation, many of us are lacking human connection - enter #XOXO

Armed with an industrial robot, a white board and video stream we have ① created an online portal where anyone can play, laugh and connect with each other through a live game of tic-tac-toe.

In the midst of all that is happening around us, we hope to create a little joy in our small corner of the internet while raising a bit of money ② to support creatives hit hardest by this crisis.
The team behind #XOXO is a group of designers, engineers, roboticists, artists and forward thinking humans. Learn More
50% will be donated to the Freelance Co-op COVID-19 Emergency Fund supporting creatives hit hardest by COVID-19. Find Out More.
Pay what you want ‐ anywhere from 1 to 1 million dollars.

50% will go to an organization supporting creatives hit hardest by COVID-19 while the other 50% will support the individuals and organizations that brought #XOXO to life.

If you don't want to make a donation just leave the credit card field blank and press submit. We appreciate you supporting by playing and sharing to others!

AdColony is supporting by matching donations 1-1 up to $5k!
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Thank you! Get ready to play.
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During times of struggle it is our responsibility to lift those around us. The fabric of a community is critical to its success and longevity ‐ community is a fire in a dark place, a blanket in the cold and a safety net for those without.

We seek to activate our creative communities with human interaction, rallying those around us to support and sustain independent creators who are struggling in this time. We aim to do this in a unique, playful way that brings smiles and joy to the world.
The team behind #XOXO is a group of designers, engineers, roboticists, artists and forward thinking humans who all believe in the power of community. This was a true communal effort spanning multiple organizations across many time zones.

So far we've put forth hundreds of hours combined and counting. A peek at a few things from under the hood - concept, branding, web design, web development, system design, industrial design, robotic programming, set design, physical build, marketing, communications, management, maintenance, material purchases, physical overhead, hosting fees and a whole lot of ♥.

How you can help
For those concerned with the larger implications of COVID-19 and how they can help their local communities and the wider cultural sector, we’ve collected links to a few helpful resources from our friends trying to do good across the globe.

• Freelancers Union Artists Resource Guide
• Creative Capital Resource Guide
• Folding At Home